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Sussex Constitution 2017



1 – NAME


The name of the Association shall be the Sussex County Pool Association

(Hereinafter referred to as SCPA).






The day to day affairs of the SCPA shall be administered by the Executive Committee, which shall consist of:


i) Chairperson

ii) Secretary

iii) Treasurer & Registration Secretary

iv) Inter League Secretary

v) Team Manager



The Management Committee shall consist of the Executive Committee (as listed above),

as well as all of the affiliated league representatives.





The objectives of SCPA shall be:

3.1 To promote the game of pool for players & leagues in the County of Sussex.


3.2 To affiliate to the English Pool Association (hereinafter referred to as EPA)

and to the applicable region of the EPA as determined by the EPA.


3.3 To organise & promote teams to represent SCPA in inter county matches within the region & at Nationals.


3.4 To organise, administrate & promote the Sussex Inter League for all affiliated leagues to participate in.






Membership of SCPA will be open to all leagues within the county of Sussex,

or having member teams within the county boundary & not being affiliated to any other county association.



The SCPA reserve the right to refuse membership to any individual, team or league for any reason they deem to be detrimental to the SCPA.

The SCPA shall be required to give an explanation for such refusal.



4.3.1 The annual subscription will be due at the Annual General Meeting (hereinafter referred to as AGM) each year.

Any member who has not paid their subscription within 14 days of them becoming due will be deemed

to have resigned their membership and will be refused all benefits formerly afforded to them.


4.3.2 The SCPA may under extenuating circumstances & at their discretion,

grant an extension of the payment due date, in which case that league will not be regarded

as having resigned their membership until after the agreed extension date has expired.


4.3.3 The annual subscription shall be determined each year at the AGM of SCPA.



The leagues affiliated to SCPA, shall be entitled to send one representative to Management Committee,

AGM or EGM meetings of the SCPA, each representative shall be entitled to one vote.



The Management Committee shall have the power to co-opt any person at their discretion, to serve for a fixed period or until one day prior to the next AGM.

Co-opted consultants shall be honorary members only during their term of service & shall not be entitled to vote at any meeting.





5.1 A minimum of ten days’ notice must be given for General Meetings.

Notice for General Meetings must be given either in writing or via email.


5.2 A General Meeting of the SCPA shall be convened as often as is necessary, but not more than three times a year.


5.3 Any affiliated league failing to send a representative to a General Meeting, without a satisfactory explanation shall be fined £25.00.


5.4 In the event of the Chairperson not being able to attend a General Meeting,

they shall be entitled to appoint any member of the Executive Committee to chair the meeting in their absence.





6.1 A minimum of twenty eight days’ notice shall be given for an AGM.


6.2 The date for the AGM will be decided by the Executive Committee of the SCPA, to transact the following business:


6.2.1 Minutes of the proceeding AGM shall be presented and confirmed, any business arising shall be dealt with.


6.2.2 Adoption of standing orders.


6.2.3 Presentation of annual reports, balance sheets & statement of accounts.


6.2.4 Election of leagues applying for affiliation.


6.2.5 Consider for adoption any duly proposed & seconded amendments to the constitution.


6.2.6 Election of Executive Committee members of the SCPA

i) Chairperson - three year term

ii) Secretary - three year term

iii) Treasurer & Registration Secretary – three year term

iv) Inter League Secretary - three year term

v) Team Manager – one year term


6.2.7 Any other business.


6.3 Notice of any proposal to be considered at the AGM,

shall be given in writing to the SCPAsecretary at least twenty one days prior to the AGM.

Only items duly proposed and seconded by Management Committee members of the SCPA will be considered for discussion at an AGM.


6.4 A copy of the duly audited balance sheet, statement of accounts & agenda,

shall be forwarded to each affiliated league & officer of the SCPA before the AGM.



6.4.1 In the event of quorum (please see 9.3) not being achieved at an AGM,

the committee shall continue to serve until another AGM can be arranged & a quorum achieved.


6.4.2 Any affiliated league failing to be represented at an AGM without satisfactory explanation shall be fined £50.00.


6.4.3 Retiring Executive Committee members shall be eligible to become candidates for re-election without nomination.

All other candidates for election as Executive Committee members shall be nominated by at least two Management Committee members.

In the event of there being no candidates for vacant Executive Committee positions, nominations can be received at the AGM.





7.1 The secretary of the SCPA shall, if requested to do so in writing,

convene an Extraordinary General Meeting (hereinafter referred to as EGM)

within fourteen days of such a request being received from a county member.


7.2 Any written request for an EGM shall include sufficient detail of the reasons for such a request

to enable the secretary to notify the Management Committee of the purpose of the meeting.


7.3 The Management Committee may at their discretion, call an EGM at any time.





The Executive Committee shall hold Executive Committee Meetings whenever deemed necessary.





9.1 Every agenda for all meetings shall carry as a final item ‘Any Other Business’



9.2.1 At all Executive Committee Meetings, Management Committee Meetings, AGM & EGM,

those people present are entitled to vote in accordance with the rules listed below.


9.2.2 Under no circumstance shall any person be entitled to more than one vote.


9.2.3 All issues will be decided on a majority vote, in the event of a stalemate the Chairperson shall have the casting vote.

This is the only time the Chairperson is entitled to vote.


9.2.4 Each affiliated league is required to send a representative to all General Meetings,

AGM & EGM & each affiliated league representative shall be entitled to one vote.

The Executive Committee reserves the right to refuse admission to any meeting, an individual who is considered detrimental to the SCPA.



 At an AGM & EGM three Executive Committee members & three Management Committee members (league representatives), shall constitute a quorum.





10.1 The accounting year of the SCPA shall run from the 1st January to the 31st December.


10.2 The Executive Committee will be responsible for the finances of the SCPA.

The SCPA Treasurer will check all income & expenditure, at all times observing proper banking procedures.

The SCPA Treasurer is fully responsible for all dealings with the bankers of SCPA.


10.3 If required, auditors will be appointed at the AGM or EGM for as long as is deemed necessary by the Management Committee.




11.1 The SCPA reserves the right to suspend, fine or expel any individual, team or league for any breach of the SCPA rules,

or for any act deemed by the SCPA to have brought the SCPA into disrepute.

Any individual, team or league accused of the above, will in the first instance be suspended until such a time that a SCPA discipline committee

can be convened, the accused will then have an opportunity to defend themselves & present evidence/witnesses in their defence.


11.2 Any individual who is expelled from a league, may not enter any competition organised by the SCPA

or play for any other team/league affiliated to the SCPA, until they have been re-admitted by the SCPA.





12.1 The Executive Committee has the authority to make any decision that is in the best interests of the SCPA.


12.2 All affiliated leagues will be responsible for keeping records of all registered players.

The Executive Committee has the right to examine any leagues registered players,

after giving reasonable notice of their intention to do so.


12.3 The SCPA will endeavour to reimburse all reasonable expenses incurred by any member

of the Management Committee, while conducting any business on behalf of the SCPA,

after first being approved by the Executive Committee.